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Distribution Automation

IHM-6400 Distribution Terminal Unit

IHM-6400 series RTU is installed in the distribution feeder switching station, HV substation and mini-substation to acquire analog and digital data, detect and report the faults of cable feeder lines. RTU is used with Medium Voltage Switchgear. Through modern communication network (FO/4G/3G/GPRS/RF), it realizes remote data measurement related to the MV/HV feeder operations and in real-time condition, as well as data acquisition, data analysis and capturing and reporting abnormal events. RTU can receive the remote command from the SCADA/ADMS system to open or close the switchgear and feedback the position of the switchgear to the SCADA/ADMS system. In this way, IHM-6400 RTU can identify the fault, re-configure the network, recover the power supply and reduce the power outage time as well as improve power supply reliability of distribution network.

The IHM-6400 RTU can monitor and control up to 16 Medium Voltage Switchgear units .


Communication standard: IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-101, RTU MODBUS, DNP3.0

EMC standard: IEC 61000-4

Measuring relays and protective devices: IEC 60255-2013


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