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Substation Metering

Feeder and Substation metering system includes flexible AMM (Automated Meter Management) system, high accuracy meter and GPRS/GSM/3G or fiber optic communication interface to collect data from different parts of power network.

High accuracy meters are installed at high voltage substations to measure the amount of energy derived to transmission lines from generation companies (GNC), from one Transmission Company (TMC) to another TMC, from TMC to Distribution Company (DSC) or from DSC to another DSC. In this transaction, huge volume of energy is exchanged and grid meters need to be highly accurate and secure to prevent financial loss of different companies. By providing metering data from Power Grid, ISO or utilities including TMC and DSC, this solution helps them prepare generation schedules and better management of power network. Meter data is used for billing purpose and monitoring to identify variations from committed schedules of GNC for less/more power supplied to the grid.


Enabling power market and utility unbundling

Monitoring energy loss in different zones


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