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Inhegrid's AMI-DA is unified Platform for Smart Grid solution, right now utility companies have following challenges for implementation of AMI or DA solution:

1) Integration of AMI system with DA Solution: most of AMI system were/are implemented without thinking about integration with DA.

2)Different Departments in utility company are responsible for DA and AMI and most of time they implement two separate system.

3) DA system need some critical information from AMI system like Voltage, PQ, etc. And Last Gasp signal. Too often, utility builds two systems, side by side, when a single, well-vetted system could be built to serve both purposes.

4) Many AMI technologies are designed for billing data only like 15-minute interval readings that flow upstream to the HES and MDMS.

Some of the largest benefits and cost justifications of an AMI system are improvements in DA. Before selecting an AMI system, we should be sure the system is capable of providing fast and actionable information to enable advanced solutions on the distribution system.


Integration Volta and Vahr control

Conservation voltage reduction

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

Outage management system (OMS)


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