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Distribution Transformer Management

Inhegrid's Distribution Transformer Management System (DTMS) represents the next evolutionary step in the smart grid development. DTMS empower Distribution Optimization and Distribution Automation which further modernizes the grid. DTMS is designed based on advanced digital measurement technology to measure and monitor real time parameter and operating status of transformer, collect transformer data, analysis power quality, outage management and alarm abnormal event, automatically and remotely through communication system (GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, PLC/RF, etc.).

DTMS provides utilities with access to critical distribution optimization information from within the heart of the grid to improve grid efficiencies and pinpoint power theft/losses for remediation. DTMS provides modern management tools for utility company to protection transformer from overloading, high temperature and also help utility to measure and compensate power quality parameters deviations like power factor and voltage.


Detecting most of transformers on the brink of collapse (overloaded) and performed proactive upgrades and redistributed secondary connections to alleviate overloading from Utility company.

Improving outage (because normally change of transformer needs 12 hours) and also with feeder monitoring and Last Gasp (in some utility up to 100,000 outage minutes).

Improving PM and asset management process.

Better management of street light and decreasing total consumption up to 40%.

Improving delivered electricity quality like voltage, power factor, load unbalancing.

Distribution planning, utility company can recognize which transformer is overloaded and can make plan for extension of power network.


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