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Intelligent and Integrated Transformers

Inhegrid’s IHM-6A03-01 is an intelligent and integrated monitoring and metering transformer device, which can complete the high-precision metering of 10kV to 12kV feeder current and voltage.The highest reach-able precision is class 0.2s. IHM-6A03-01 is used to replace traditional combined transformer. Compared with the traditional combined transformers, this series of products has the reform advantage. With the volume and weight of 1% of the traditional products, the cost of customer's gateway metering project, substation metering project and LPU project can be greatly reduced. With the technology and market positioning of its products at the forefront, it can reduce the cost of customers' new construction and renovation projects, and create maximum investment benefits for our customers.


IEC 60044-7 Instrument transformers - Part 7: Electronic voltage transformersIEC 60044-8 Instrument transformers - Part 8: Electronic current transformers


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