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JYZ-61 FCI and DCU for Overhead Network

JYZ-61 FCI (Fault Circuit Indicator) has been designed based on advanced technology for overhead cable to pinpoint fault location and accurately log load in any point along the electric distribution power network (faults like two-phase or three-phase short-circuit fault and single-phase earth fault). JYZ-61 is equipped with visual indication to support visual tracking and locate the fault at field.

Data Collector Unit(DCU) is the core element acting as gateway between FCI and Smart SCADA/DMS central system, using RF to communicate with FCIs and remote communication like GPRS/3G/4G/FO with Smart SCADA/DMS central system. Utility company can monitor the condition information of the line in real time and fault location of the line through Smart SCADA/DMS central system with DCU. Data Collector is using solar energy and maintenance-free battery(high reliable power supply system ensures the system stable and reliable).

Installation process of JYZ-61 is very simple and can be installed on energized line anywhere.


Test standard: IEEE 495

EMC standard: IEC 61000-4


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