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Auto Recloser

INHE’s Auto Recloser adopts three-phase pillar structure, which has the features of stable and reliable breaking performance, combustion and explosion-free, maintenance-free, small volume, light weight and long service life. INHE’s Auto Recloser uses vacuum arc extinguishing and solid dielectric insulation technology. It is equipped with functions of measurement, protection, communication, remote control. It can realize fault area isolation and power supply restoration in non-fault area with fuse or load breaker switch. It can be used on overhead distribution lines as well as in distribution substation for all voltage classes rated up to 38 kV at 50/60Hz power system. INHE’s Auto Recloser complies with IEEE C37.60 and IEC 62271-111.


Recloser standard: IEEE C37.60, IEC 62271-111

EMC standard: IEC 61000-4


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