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SmartMDM (Meter Data Management)

Most of utilities all over the world are deploying or will deploy Smart Metering project, and deployment of smart metering system generates huge amount of data. Proper management of such a large quantity of data (Big Data), creates big challenges for utilities companies. Raw information without process is not valuable and useful for utility company, for this reason MDM system is critical part of Smart Metering System. Utilities are facing several serious challenges which can be solved or at least eliminated by analyzing grid/energy data and detecting problematic points and then taking remedy actions. Among all problems those utilities are continuously suffering from, following items can be mentioned like Energy loss (technical and commercial), Over-loading of transformers and lines, High peak time consumption, Poor management of outages and assets, Poor, late or not detecting and managing events and alarms.

MDM systems are developed to help utilities to solve these kinds of problems through analyzing existing data items which are already gathered from grid and customers meters. However, meters can be read manually and then their data can be fed into MDM but almost always MDM systems are used together with AMM systems to automatically gather data from meters.

Inhemeter MDM System (SmartMDM) is enterprise level system deals with metered data. SmartMDM processes data items, analyzes them and generates high level and meaningful reports and information to top managers, utility engineers and all other types of users. SmartMDM usually deals with data regardless how and when they are collected, so either they are gathered by AMM (Automatic Meter Management) or entered manually can be processed by SmartMDM. SmartMDM is application-oriented system which is developed to produce meaningful information to users.


Communication with meter: DLMS/COSEM based on IEC 62056

Communication with other system: IEC 61968


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