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Smart DMS System Central system is complete solution to monitor, control and manage distribution power network including medium/high voltage feeder, distribution substation and high voltage substation. The system provides real-time monitoring and intelligent control (monitoring critical parameters of distribution power network, locating and reporting faults, automatically isolating faulty area, restoring non-faulty area, providing remote control and reconfiguration, etc.) Smart DMS is GIS based and user-friendly system for monitoring and controlling of distribution power network. Smart DMS receiving information and alerts from IEDs from power network, make process and analysis on received data and create related report for utility company and send related intelligent controlling to IEDs. Smart DMS provides standard interface to existing like OMS, IVR, and EMS system.

SmartDMS Functions:

1) SCADA function includes data acquisition and process, monitoring, alarm and event log, control (operation and closure), real-time, communicate with FTU, DTU, TTU, FCI and other terminals through the optical fiber, 3G, GPRS or wireless private network, to realize the real-time data acquisition and remote-control function.

2) Distribution network condition monitoring and Accident analysis, recall and holographic inversion.

3) Human Interface Machine includes IEC61970 CIM /XML import and export, Gallery of integrated graphics interface, Device management and Authority management.

4) Feeder line automation function, Adopt the integrated FA mode, online topology analysis and generate the recovery plan, terminal layer can be set through the flexible working mode of master station, Fault isolation with peer-to-peer communication mode, it can be finished in a terminal layer, recovery of fault in short time (so it can ensure that the substation circuit breaker, reconnect successful).

5) Outage time and Perfect fault simulation system (users can customize any FA simulation plans, including the point of failure, failure time, failure types, the FTU action and various parameters, such as communication status of distribution network).

6) WEB subsystem includes Graphics and curve query, Particulars relating to the real-time query and alarm, Real time data query and Equipment parameters query.

7) Distribution comprehensive information exchange that comply with IEC 61970/IEC61968 standard and convenient communication interface function between different systems.

8) Information processing and management function Data processing, statistical calculation, information storage, distribution network fault information display and processing, fault information inquiry, historical event query, history data query, real time data view report function and so on.


Communication with IED: IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-101, DNP3.0

Communication with other system: IEC 61968, IEC 61970


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